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A Fan Community for Alex Carter

A Fanart Community for Alex Carter
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All Members , Moderated
A community for everything related to Alex Carter
Welcome to ac-stillness,

This community is created for fans of Alex Carter. In this community you can post news and pictures about him and his upcoming roles in movies and TV-shows.

Furthermore we'll have icons challenges for everything centering around our favorite actor.

A few rules:

*Please read all the rules before joining this community.
*Don't type lIKe Th|$ P73@se unless you want to be banned.
*Only use community tags for your entries, this way we'll keep it easy for find earlier posts. You can find a list of allowed tags here.
*Only post news, pictures, icons or other fanart related to Alex Carter.
*Please put larger parts of text or pictures behind an LJ-cut.
*When posting icons, limit to three teasers about the LJ-cut.
*No spamming.
*Lastly, be nice to all members, or you'll be banned.\

Have a good time here!
alex carter, canadian actor